Restaurant Menu


Burrata caprese
Parmigiana di Melenzane

Fried aubergines, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, basil and mozzarella cheese, backed in oven.


Gamberoni al limone

King prawns with garlic, butter, white wine and lemon.


Polpette al sugo

Beef mince meatballs with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with a slice toasted bread and garlic.


Antipasto all'italiana

Mixed salami, cheese, olives and sundried tomato.


Mix Olives, Toasted Bread and Dipping Sauce


£ 5.45

Bruschetta romana

Toasted bread, cherry tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese grated.



Fried Halloumi served with salad and sweet chilli sauce.


Bufala caprese

Buffalo mozzarella, sliced tomato and basil pesto dressing.


Calamari Fritti

 Calamari Fritti fried squid served with garlic mayo and salad.


Capesante gratinate

Pan fried Scallops, parmesan cheese, spinach, mozzarella and cream. Baked in the oven.


Cozze Sauté

Fresh Mussels, garlic, parsley, white wine and cherry tomato sauce, served with a slice bread and garlic.


Prosciutto e melone

Parma ham and melon.


Carpaccio di filetto di manzo

Sliced beef fillet served with rocket salad, parmesan shredder, olive oil and balsamic vinegar glaze.



Spaghetti Bolognese

Slow cooked classic Bolognese sauce.


Speghetti alla Carbonara

Crispy pancetta, yolk egg, parmesan cheese and touch of cream.


Spaghetti Meatballs

Spaghetti with meat balls.


Penne alla Vodka

Smoked salmon, asparagus, prawns & cream.



Traditional Italian style.


Linguine al limone

Prawns, truffle cream and lemon zest.


Linguine salsiccia, melanzane, pomodorini e ndujia

Italian sausage, aubergine, calabrian ndujia, tomato, touch cream.


Ravioli ricotta e spinaci con capesante e gamberi

Scallops, prawns, pesto and cream.


Tagliatelle Buongustaia

Strips of beef fillet, mushrooms, peas and tomato sauce.


Risotto Marinara

Garlic, parsley, prawn, calamari, clams and mussels.


Linguine al limone
Linguine Colosseo

Mussels, prawns, scallops, calamari and cherry tomato sauce.


Tagliatelle all'Anatra

Duck, porcini mushrooms and cream.


Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

Potatoes dumplings, tomato sauce, cream, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, baked in oven.


Gnocchi ai porcini, pancetta e gorgonzola

Potatoes dumplings with porcini mushrooms, pancetta and gorgonzola sauce.


Risotto asparagi, porcini, bacon e parmigiano

Risotto with asparagus, porcini mushrooms, parmesan cheese and crispy bacon on top.



Tagliata di manzo
Anatra ai Porcini

Grill duck breast with porcini mushrooms cream sauce.


10oz Sirloin steak

Sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce.


Filetto Stroganoff

Beef fillet strips with mushrooms, French mustard, paprika, brandy, demiglasse and cream sauce, served with rice.


Filetto ai porcini e crema tartufo

Beef fillet strips with porcini mushrooms and truffle sauce.


Pollo alla diavola

Chicken breast, garlic, chilli spicy salami, cherry tomato sauce.


Pollo principessa

Chicken breast, onion, asparagus, mushrooms and cream.


Chicken cotoletta

Chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs and fried, served with spaghetti tomato sauce .


10oz Bistecca alla griglia

Plain grilled sirloin steak.


10oz Tagliata di manzo

Sliced sirloin steak served with rocket salad, parmesan cheese shredder, olive oil and balsamic glaze. Rare / medium rare pref. cooked for the original recipes.


Filetto al pepe verde

Grilled beef fillet with peppercorn brandy cream sauce.


Filetto al gorgonzola

Beef fillet with gorgonzola sauce.



Branzino alla Trapanese

Panfried seabass, garlic, cherry tomato, basil sauce. In a bed of sauté spinach.


Salmone Mediterraneo

Salmon fillet cooked in oven with garlic, parsley, mushrooms, prawns and cherry tomato sauce.


Salmone mediterraneo

Salad and side dish

Mix Salad
Tomato and red onions


Mix salad


Green salad


Spinach saute


Saute potatoes and pancetta





Chocolate souffle


Forrest fruit cheese cake


Almond parfait




Creme brulee




Ice cream



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