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Mimmo Pipitone

Mimmo Pipitone

Owner & Chef

My name is Girolamo Pipitone, but everyone knows me as Mimmo, I am from Marsala in Sicily, where I lived until the age of 38, and then moved to England, the country where I still live and work. As a teenager, attracted by this job, during the school holidays, I went to work in a pastry shop in my city.

Once I finished secondary school, I firmly wanted to continue in this job, which for me was now more than a passion, in one of the most famous pastry shops in Marsala at the time. There was a lot of catering there too, although much more refined and of the highest quality, with a clientele that was among the wealthiest and most important in the city.

Since then this work has become one with passion; from the internship, when I cleaned the trays, and little by little I learned the basics of pastry making and finishing, At 17 years old I went to work at the Villa Favorita restaurant with master chef Vincenzo Gambicchia. After completing my military service I moved to the Paradise banquet hall in Marsala, where I remained for eleven years, perfecting myself and learning a lot.

In 2002, after some experiences in Switzerland and France, I moved to England. I am a member of the English Masterchef Association and Intercontinental President of Culinary World, as well as a Culinary Judge.
Thanks to my passion I have traveled the world, participating in competitions and events in Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Israel, India, Italy, of course, and others.